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Episode 8 – Nicolas Cage, Highway Collapse

We’re a little distracted this week by the fact that our city is on fire. Two thirds of the hosts get real drunk. One third of the hosts didn’t watch the movie. Again. We talk about Trespass and Twilight, and why local politics matter. Also, never @ Amber about wrestling.

Nicolas Cage, Nice Drinking Sombrero

Some of us watched The Wicker Man. We deeply regret it. This week we talked about our favorite grocery stores, summer activities, the benefits of telling people you’re poor, and why bag policies at sporting events are terrible.

Nicolas Cage, Secret Words

We’re back after a longer than anticipated break. To make up for it, we have a supersized episode this week where we still barely actually talk about these movies. Instead we talk about Gilmore Girls and horror movies. It’s the quality content you’ve come to expect from us. 

Nicolas Cage, Butter Cow

We sorta kinda talk about National Treasure. Nothing about this podcast relates to anything. Olsen twins. Jennifer Aniston. Emily is the worst. Cheese is too good for Ted Cruz.

Nicolas Cage, Naked Guitar Hero

In episode 4 we discuss The Rock, Emily gets excited about aliens, and we update the phrase “well actually”

Emily’s Notes on The Rock

Complete with terrible doodles!

Nicolas Cage, Justice Beaver

We review Ghost Rider, talk about immigration, and all things Bartolo Colon. Also, fuck the Cardinals.

Nicolas Cage, Butter Face

EXPLOSIONS! GLITTERY BALL SACKS! We kinda get lost there in the middle. DRINKS! That’s right, we watched Con Air

Nicolas Cage, Crop Duster

In the first episode we watch Gone in 60 Seconds, discuss Scientology and Angelina Jolie’s weird hair. Also, we drink.

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